Make-up after 35 Years

070920169Every woman wants to be beautiful always. To do this, many women are willing to take on different prey. For example, get up two hours before the start of what would put himself in order. Now many women use cosmetics to a thief attractive. However, you need to know that in 35 years can not be painted in 18. So, what should not be allowed in the application of make-up in 35 years?

1. Bright tone. Tone Cream is necessary to choose a half-tone lighter than leather. This will give the skin freshness.
2. Eyelashes. Eyelashes must necessarily paint, because it gives the eyes more expressive look. Sometimes you can use eyeliner.
3. Matt substance. Do not choose a pearl shade, they will only emphasize fine lines. Prefer matte basis.
4. Eyebrows. Eyebrows should be broad. Narrow eyebrows had long been in vogue.
5. Dark blush. After 30 years it is necessary to abandon the use of dark blush, because they give the woman extra years.
6. Smile. To smile and have fun. Joyful women always prefer men.

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