Man is Important to Drink Plenty of Water Daily

110820164Water is the basis for the development and functioning of our body. We all know that our body is nearly 80% water, so the importance of regular replenishment of the water balance in the body is very high.

Water – it’s not just the liquid. It contains in its structure a huge number of nutrients and micro-nutrients which are indispensable for the development of the body. Further, H2O is the best solvent in the world. It dissolves in its composition of vitamins, minerals, salts, and enzymes, which play an important role in the function of internal organs and systems of the body. Once a person is thirsty – this is the first sign that the body needs water. If you do not get it in the right quantity as soon as possible, most of the metabolic processes in the body begin to weaken and slow down. As a result, cells no longer receive nutrients and eventually it will lead to their death.

That’s why every day people should consume plenty of water, and in the summer on hot days, the daily dose should be increased several times.

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