Men are Not Recommended to Drink a Lot of Tea

2210168Tea – one of the most useful products.

In any modern diet, this drink is always present as one of the main, because it has a large number of specific useful properties and vitamins. However, recent studies of doctors say that excessive consumption of tea can be dangerous to health. First of all, it concerns men.

Recently, a group of experts from Sweden have published a scientific report, which talked about the impact of tea on the male body.

It turns out that a lot of men who are too often drink tea, have a higher risk of developing problems with the prostate gland and prostate.

They also identified an optimal rate of the beverage. For men is a safe rate of 3 cups of tea a day. If you exceed this rate, the body is subjected to severe stress, and this can have a negative impact on health.

Basically, as with any other product, this important rule, and then everything will be fine.

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