Methods for tired legs

17101615Nowadays there are a lot of professions, when most of the working time people have to spend on your feet, as a result, by the end of the day they feel very tired.

In order to reduce the load on your feet, you need to follow some recommendations, one of which is correctly matched shoes. For example, if a woman who works in the field of trade, the whole day will hold a high-heeled shoes, then, of course, her encounter pain in the joints. Therefore, shoes should choose a practical, convenient and easy.

If you will take a long hike, do not forget to bring drinking water, since dehydration adversely affects the blood, thereby increasing the load on the veins.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the feet. If you come a long way, then you need to sit down to rest and have a massage. Also, do not forget to visit the pool and gyms. In order to avoid swelling of the feet, in the case of sedentary work, you must do each hour workout.

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