Methods of Contraception

2809201610Each pair will sooner or later will reflect on such an important question: “How can better protect themselves?”. This issue is of concern to many. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to defend themselves not only against pregnancy but also from a variety of diseases that are transmitted sexually (gonorrhea, syphilis). By the way, today, many people are faced with these diseases. This is due to the fact that conducted promiscuity. How to protect yourself?

So, if you absolutely have recently met, then the best method of contraception is the condom. With it, you can prevent pregnancy and various infections. If one of the orchestras do not want to be protected in this manner, it is possible to pass the tests and only then choose another method of contraception.

For another method of contraception include: hormonal contraceptives and vaginal suppositories. These tablets are intended to suppress ovulation in the female body. With regard to the candles, they are inserted immediately before intercourse. The mechanism of action is aimed at the destruction of the membrane of the sperm.

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