Mexican diet – weight loss in 4 days

03101621Today we look at a rather original method of burning fat in the body, which is based on the classic Mexican diet.

In fact, we have not personally tried the effectiveness of this technique on myself, but a lot of positive reviews about it suggests that this option is really an effective diet.

It is noteworthy that in this diet you will not find classic products Mexican food – tacos or buritos. Instead, they will need to use quite ordinary products. But its name received the Mexican diet because it once used the famous Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo.

The basis of your diet should include eggs, as well as fruits and vegetables. Eggs can be eaten with egg yolk (but not more than 2 per day), but fruits and vegetables in any quantity desired, but not necessarily in boiled or fresh. From drinks recommend drinking coffee without sugar, green tea or yogurt.

Using this diet for 4 days already, you can significantly reduce your weight and get a good fit.

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