Moderate Consumption of Eggs is Good for Health

091116116Breakfast is the main meal for the day, at the same time, of course it is not necessary to give up and from a full dinner.

Many people like to soak in the morning in bed, with the result that the time to prepare breakfast are left, therefore, in the best case, they cost a tea or coffee and a sandwich.

However, it should not do, because the best dish for breakfast is porridge, and should give preference to cereal crops such as oats and buckwheat.

But it turns out, there is another equally useful product that is eaten at breakfast, the egg, the more that it is preparing for a few minutes.

If earlier it was believed that the egg contains cholesterol, and it is not very good for health, especially for older people, but now the opinion has changed radically. Especially after a resident of Spain, who turned 117 years old, in an interview said that, since the age of 20, she ate three eggs daily.

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