More and More Females Smoke

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationNowadays more and more people can be seen smoking. If you pay attention, the women began to smoke more than men. Most likely, the reason for this – fashion. Beautiful girl with a thin cigarette in his hand – it is attractive (as many believe). Women do not stop such an important fact as pregnancy. They simply do not want to throw out a cigarette hands. Such women can be called selfish because they only think about themselves and not about the future health of the child.

In addition, there is another very important fact (maybe it can affect a woman’s mind). According to research men can not stand women who smoke (if you are not married, it is time to quit this addiction). No man wants to be with a woman that smells like the tobacco factory. If a man thinks of the woman, that he having pleasant thoughts and associations. Women often smell like perfume. And now we see more and more women, over which there is a column of smoke. The picture is not the most pleasant.

Lovely woman, think about this question as soon as possible!

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