More Than 85% of People Sleep Poorly at Night

110820163The importance of sleep for the body’s health is simply colossal. It is scientifically proven that regular sleep 7-8 hours a day 3 times a person reduces the risk of many serious diseases and are much less likely to complain of a headache or problems with physical activity.

However, modern people often have problems with sleep. In particular, a few weeks ago, a group of American scientists conducted a survey of more than 10,000 people from the most diverse sectors of activity. As it turned out, that more than 85% of the respondents have some trouble sleeping, and almost 15% regularly suffer from insomnia.

Basically at risk are people older than 40 years who have certain problems to the central nervous system or overweight. In addition, insomnia is often the result of chronic sleep deprivation due to the active work schedule.

Problems with normal sleep apnea, or – it is quite a dangerous disease which is the cause for the development of a huge number of other problems. That is why, upon detection of the first symptoms of insomnia it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

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