Most Useful Milk, Ghee

091116112It is well known that milk is good for the children and this is their first product in life, they receive after birth.

However, no less a benefit it brings to people of any age, since, in addition to the fact that milk is a large amount of calcium, strengthens the skeletal system, it also contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids.

That milk, which is sold in stores, in most cases, questionable quality, as unscrupulous businesses add to it a variety of substances to increase the shelf life and improve taste.

It is best to use natural milk, buying it in specialized markets, where product passes testing laboratory.

Drinking milk is not recommended in raw form, because, in addition to nutrients therein may be in a variety of bacteria which are destroyed during the heat treatment.

But, best of all by the body to digest milk in melted form, for the preparation of which will take several hours. After milk starts boiling, it is left to languish in the oven until it acquires until light brown.

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