Myths about Beauty

030920165Every woman aspire to be beautiful. Of course, all of these efforts women make for the sake of men. Just for the sake of these women can even madness.

Beauty secrets passed down from generation to generation. However, there are many secrets that can be called a simple word – a myth. Let’s deal with the myths associated with beauty secrets.

1. Mascara. Many women believe that it is impossible to use mascara. This is due to the fact that the ink makes them more brittle and weak. It is important to understand, ink will not bring any harm to the eyelashes, if it at night to wash off.
2. Nail polish. Many believe that in the nail polishes contain harmful substances. This is not entirely true, because in modern paints are created in order to strengthen your nails. Note, you need to be afraid of nail polish remover with acetone. This tool actually makes the nails more brittle.
3. Hair. If the cutting of the hair, then they will become thicker. This is absurd. Grooming the hair does not affect the thickness.
4. Cellulite. Many women are unsure if they are thin, the cellulite they never will. It is not true. Cellulite prone and thin and thick.

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