Myths about Colds

2608201611Soon will come the autumn, which means that along with it the season of colds. Currently, there are many myths about the common cold. Let’s look in more detail at this point.

1. The nature of the disease. Do not confuse colds and flu, as they have a completely different nature of the disease.
2. Hospital. Many believe that it is not necessary to take sick leave during his illness. Recover is possible and so. Undoubtedly, it will be possible to recover. There’s only one question – with or without complications. As soon as you feel unwell, the best couple of days rest in bed at home.
3. Draught. By itself, the draft is not dangerous and because of it you can not get sick. You can get sick after exposure to cold, which he called. That, in turn, weaken the immune system and the virus could be hooked.
4. Wet hair. We still believe that, if we go out with wet hair, you can get sick. In the UK, do not believe it. The British often walk around with wet hair in the street in the cold weather. However, if a person wore a hat, you worry at all about anything.
5. Vaccinations. A person can not get the flu just because he made a vaccine.

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