Myths about Food

210920161Everyone knows a lot of facts about the food. Undoubtedly, all believe in them and try to stick to do the right thing. However, do not deceive yourself. There are scientific substantiation of a fact. So, in time to dispel some myths?

1. Eggs. Many believe that the brown shell eggs in useful. This is just speculation.
2. Chewing gum. If a breath of chewing gum, it will lead to intestinal blockages. Nothing like this will not happen, as it will be released with the feces.
3. Coffee. Many people believe that coffee leads to dehydration. This is not so, no data on this issue no.
4. Water. Some say that you should drink about 3 liters of fluid a day. This is not true. Two liters is sufficient.
5. Carrots. Spinach has great benefit for eyes, carrot week. This is due to the composition of greenery.
6. Microwave. Any assertion that the microwave destroys the vitamins contained in the product. But this fact in no way justified.
7. Chocolate. Dark chocolate is more useful white. Two kinds of chocolate only differ in composition.

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