Myths about Proper Nutrition

Nowadays, all people know that proper nutrition is very beneficial for health. Boiled products, baked vegetables, large consumption of vegetables and fruits – all this is good for the health of a person. Proper nutrition gives a lot of strength and energy.

However, now there are many myths that are related to this issue.

1. Fat is bad. Many believe that fat for the body brings a huge century. But this is not so. Our body needs them in moderation (oily fish, nuts).
2. Juices. Many people think that all juices are useful. But do not forget that in the packaged juices add a lot of preservatives. It is best to abandon their use. The most delicious and healthy juices are freshly squeezed.
3. Eat right – tasteless. Many of us think that all dishes cooked in boiled or baked form do not have any taste. But that’s what a man says, who never tried it.

It is necessary to eat correctly, because it will strengthen and prolong the life of a person. But it is always important to understand that this question is correct, but that is not.

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