Myths about the Pill

270820169Before every woman sooner or later will be the question – how best to be protected? Fortunately, now the choice of these means simply huge (suppositories, tablets, condoms). However, let’s talk about the myths that are knit with birth control pills. Already, too many of them, so it’s time to dispel them.

1. Set of weights. Sometimes weight gain may occur due to the fact that estrogen promotes fluid retention. But this question can be easily corrected. It is necessary to work out and eat right. In addition, currently all tablets contain in their composition the minimum amount of hormone.
2. Reduced libido and infertility. Decreased libido may occur only during the first months. However, this phenomenon is very rare. Contraceptives do not affect the reproductive function.
3. Weight of side effects. Each drug has side-effects. Their method can be started after consulting a doctor. There is a myth that hormone pills should not be taken in case of problems with the intestines. Remember consultation with a specialist is always more important than the Internet forum.
4. Age. There is a misconception that the tablets can be drunk only after 25 years. Consult with your doctor and he will select for you the necessary preparation.

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