Myths about Women

070920168There are some opinions or statements on women, who are considered true. But is it really necessary to understand. So, what are the most common myths about women.

1. Love for children. Women love children, but only their own. Love for other people’s children is associated with a maternal instinct.
2. Make-up. The girl is always beautiful, and brings itself into order for themselves. This is a major misconception. A woman needs to look good for someone, but not for himself. For myself, it is better to rest or sleep once an hour in the morning.
3. Logic. Women’s logic is not different from men.
4. Marriage. All women want to get married soon. What is important is not the fact of her marriage, and what each person needs a family and children.
5. Cleanliness. All women chistyuli. This quality is especially individually.
6. Sex and porn. A woman can make love only for love. But this myth is thought up by men. Most likely, it’s easier to live, because each of them wants to have a decent woman. Do not think that women do not watch porn. Sometimes, they know they are better than men.

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