Myths of the Usefulness of Certain Products

100920163Most of the products that we consume in food, have some benefit and are necessary to maintain our health. For example, in recent years it has become very fashionable to attribute beneficial properties for weight loss different products. However, sometimes it is an error of judgment. Leading nutritionists have made some of the most common myths about the benefits of certain foods for weight loss.

For example, one of them is a whole grain breads. It is believed that he can supposedly help to burn fat, but biology says otherwise. It is well known that the glycemic index of bread from whole grains is 69. This means that it increases the consumption of sugar in the blood and release insulin, causing accumulated excess weight.

Furthermore, frozen foods are also not useful. Even despite the fact that they are constantly in a frozen state, such products are often rich in various preservatives and flavor enhancers which do not benefit the organism.

Juices in packages can also be attributed to the category of fakes in the revaluation of real benefit to the organism. It also contains a preservative and sugar, which helps to increase the body fat mass.

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