Nail Care

020920161What woman does not want to have healthy nails? There is simply no. Many women pay more attention to the nails and skin of hands. But best of all, all procedures can be performed independently at home. This not only significantly save money, but also the quality of the nail will be several times higher.

1. Power. If you want to be the owner of a healthy and strong nails, you need to adjust the power. In addition, you can always buy vitamins for the nails at the pharmacy. There are already perfectly matched composition.
2. Length. Nail length should be medium. nails should also not be too short to cut, because it is not only traumatic for the skin, but also barks easier access for micro-organisms. As for too long nails, it is not practical and they need very careful care.
3. Removal of the cuticle. Not manicure it is always possible to do at home. It is more secure. To do this, you must buy oil for cuticles, which will soften it. Then a wooden stick, you need to remove all the excess. Simple and safe.
4. The application of the varnish. Now it’s time to choose a favorite color of nail polish nails and cover them.

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