Natural Antibiotics for Fighting the Common Cold

21101612In connection with the cooling of the majority of people with poorly prepared by the immune system increases the risk of colds.

When the first symptoms, usually we go to the pharmacy to buy cough medicines containing paracetamol.

Of course, if you can not get rid of colds with pills, we ask for help from a doctor, because, after the common cold can be any complications.

But, as is known, the use of medicinal drugs which help in the treatment of a disease, while other organs are harmful, since almost all of them have serious side effects.

However, there are many products that, according to its composition are natural antibiotics. These include raspberries, honey, cranberry, pomegranate and berry such as a cranberry bog.

Raspberries, which is not only tasty berries, but also the ability to fight bacteria and reduce body temperature.

Cranberry juice which can be prepared from both fresh and frozen from berries, is an excellent natural antibiotic, moreover, it is able to kill the bacteria that trigger ulcer.

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