Natural Makeup – For and Against

310820168Every woman aspires to be wonderful. To do this, many women prefer to stay as much as possible natural. These women use a minimum of makeup and hair color. Undoubtedly, there is nothing better than natural beauty. But in any case there are pluses and minuses.

1. Charm. All around are well aware of what you really are. Such women are always beautiful.
2. Save. Such women do not follow the latest in cosmetic products, and it saves money.
3. Relevance. Fashion changes very quickly. As for the natural, it is always current.
4. Appropriateness. The naturalness of the image of the woman is always current (at work, at a party, at a party).

1. Care. A woman who adheres naturally have even more careful to take care of skin and hair. This is due to the fact that small flaws can not be hidden by cosmetics.
2. Stealth effect. You always have to use expensive cosmetics, make it a good lay. Cheap cosmetics will not give the desired effect.

As you can see, the advantages still more. Natural beauty is always more urgent and more like men!

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