Needlework Classes Have a Positive Effect on a Person’s Life

28101623Everyone knows the image of an old grandmother who knits her grandchildren various products.

In today’s world it is considered a rarity, few people engaged in hand-made things. Demand for knitted products also decreased. much easier and faster to buy ready-made products in a modern society. But still, we recommend that you take up knitting. This type of needlework has a positive effect on humans.

Scientific studies have been conducted, the results of which revealed that knitting has a positive effect on women. The study involved 300 people aged 70 to 80 years.

As it turned out, to make subtle actions hands and fingers, which are involved in knitting are utilized specific areas of the brain. Thus, the more such motions performed better natrenerovyvayutsya specific areas of the brain that has a positive effect on its performance. Accordingly, the condition is improving and other systems of the body: for example, cardiovascular. According to the study, after 15-20 minutes mating process, increases the level of endorphins in the blood. Accordingly, the mood improves.