No Heart Disease!

The heart is the organ that works the meringue break. If the heart beats, then the person is alive. However, today more and more people are faced with the pathology of this body. It should be noted that heart disease often causes death in a person.

The cause of pathologies is the wrong way of life of the person. So, how can you protect your heart from various diseases?

1. Stress. It’s simply impossible to live without stress. But it is necessary to accustom your organism to this. The more unrest and scandals, the worse for the body.
2. Cholesterol. Control the cholesterol level. If the figure is too high, then it is necessary to revise your diet. High cholesterol and a healthy heart are two incompatible concepts.
4. Raisins. Include more raisins in the diet. This product perfectly strengthens the heart muscle. Do not refuse dried fruits, especially in the off-season.
5. Sport. Practice throughout life. Sport is so useful not only for the heart, but for the whole body. People who lead a healthy lifestyle always live longer.

Dear readers, take care!

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