No Need to Change Clock in the Morning

0711612On how we rest at night, meaning a strong uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours and depends on our state of health and performance throughout the day.

With the advent of autumn, when the days are getting shorter, and the transition to winter time, for most people there is a constant lack of sleep, so many individuals to increase sleep time, set the alarm for 15 minutes later than usual wake-up time, thus trying to sleep longer on A couple of minutes.

However, the scientists conducted a series of experiments proved that this method is not effective.

Much better would be if you have forged a few hours before the time of waking.

For several minutes, it will allow you to soak up the bed, preferably several times to stretch, because doctors say that such actions improve circulation.

In order to feel in good shape, you must make it a rule, go to bed no later than 22.00 hours, as well as to refuse an afternoon nap, which will bring the body to use, but on the contrary, would adversely affect nighttime sleep.

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