Not to Abandon Cycling

10111612During the experiment, scientists found out that cycling reduces the risk of heart disease by almost 20%.

In this study, which lasted for 15 years, participants were about 50,000 people, aged far beyond 50.

Moreover, those people who have given this lesson more time, their state of health was much better.

At the same time on the bike ride does not allow to develop obesity, a problem which has recently become topical in many countries.

If you do not have spare time to make such trips, it is recommended to use a bicycle to travel to work, school or shopping, all the more so now, with special parking places this mode of transport.

select the appropriate model for themselves during the purchase of a bicycle and pay attention to the seat, so that it was comfortable. Proper positioning of the saddle, it’s when, during the drive legs are half-bent position. Well inflated tires also play a big role during the cycling.

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