Not to Abandon the Full Breakfast

31101618Many people trying to justify their employment, and lack of time refuse from breakfast to compensate for eating a variety of snacks, such as sandwiches, washed down with tea or coffee, not knowing what harm they cause to the body.

Scientists around the world have long been proven that the full breakfast is a must, because it helps replenish the body, not only nutrients, but also the energy that is needed throughout the day.

The best breakfast menu is porridge, cooked in water, with preference given to buckwheat or oats, with the addition of various fruits.

Due to the fact that in the morning is more active metabolism in the body, people who do not give up a hearty breakfast are less likely to gain weight, as well as protect yourself from the appearance of diseases such as stroke or heart attack.

From this it may be concluded that for breakfast simply necessary because, in addition to all of these positive effects, it improves brain function.

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