Nutrition, Depending on Skin Type

Every person has his own skin type. He can be – fat, problematic, dry and normal. Depending on the characteristics of the skin, a person needs to choose food. This is extremely important. Cosmetic means in this matter are not in the first place.

How should nutrition depend on the type of skin?

With dry skin, you need to increase fluid intake. Drink more water, but from other drinks it is best to refuse. The optimum amount of water is about 2 liters. To dry skin looked better, you need to include more vitamins in the diet. This means that the diet should be dominated by vegetables and fruits.

If it is a question of oily or problematic skin, then products with a high content of antioxidants will come to the rescue. Eat fruits and vegetables of bright colors, and do not forget to eat nuts.

If we talk about the normal type of skin, it is best to drink water and properly take care of the skin. As for the diet, it should be balanced.

Be beautiful!

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