Obesity kids entails a number of diseases

04101616Many parents force their children to eat more because they believe that they are doing the right thing.

But this is false, because the child should eat a portion that requires his or her body. In recent years, scientists are alarmed by the fact that among children, there is a tendency of obesity. In addition to the power supply to the excess weight affects a sedentary lifestyle because most of their free time children spend in front of a computer monitor.

In order to warn their children against overweight, you need to include in the diet more vegetables and fruits, as well as seafood. But, sweets, confectionery, sweet carbonated water, limit used.

In total there are often children diseases such as diabetes, joint problems, asthma and many others. Such children feel discriminated among their peers, with the result that they develop an inferiority complex, which affects school performance. In order to avoid such problems, in addition to a moderate diet, you need to play sports.

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