Obesity May Be Considered Disabilities

2509201610Excess weight causes such a devastating impact human health, that in the final stages of obesity, he becomes almost an invalid. For this reason, more and more countries are contemplating hard to recognize this feature of the human body disability.

Recently, in the UK there was an incident that demonstrates the necessity of introducing such measures. The Court addressed a Carsten Keltoft. The man worked as a children’s teacher, however, he was dismissed. As stated in the official statement, dismissal of the reason lies in the fact that his services were no longer needed. However, the Karsten Keltoft claims that this is just an excuse for dismissal.

In fact, the main reason was the extra weight of a Man. The fact that at the moment of firing it weighs 160 kg. The Court held that once the excess weight is the cause for the dismissal of the employee, this physiological feature can be regarded as a disability. That is why now Carsten Keltoft will receive social assistance.

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