Occupation Affect the Fidelity of Spouses

19101620Modern psychologists spend a huge amount of different studies, trying to figure out the key factors that cause men and women to change their partners in the relationship.

In addition to the complex stress environment of hardship and dissatisfaction in sex recently added one more quite interesting factor.

It turns out that the possibility of betrayal affect the specificity of the profession. It turns out that if a person is related to a certain profession, then his chances to change its second half differ greatly.

For example, according to the research, it was found that the most unreliable in relationships are the brokers and bankers. Representatives of these professions alter their wives in 65% of cases. But if we talk about women, here in the first place are the nurses and doctors, as well as flight attendants and waitresses.

At the same time, the majority of respondents are against to start a relationship with your colleagues, because they believe that this will not lead to success.

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