Oily Skin Care

210820162Every woman dreams of a beautiful and healthy skin. However, for it is always necessary to take care of properly. If everything is done correctly, beautiful skin is possible to save up to a ripe old age.

So, how to care for oily skin ?! This question is of interest to many, many women because it is the owner.

1. Cleansing. To cleanse the best choice foam. As for soaps, then from it you need to abandon once and for all. It is important to wash cool or cold water. Hot water should be discarded, as they will provoke even more oily skin. Ideal to wipe your face in the morning with ice cubes.
2. Moisturize and matting. Oily skin also needs moisture. It is best to choose a cream that will moisturize and at the same time make the skin more matte.
3. Additional cosmetic agents. For oily skin scrub – it means number one. This type of skin should be thoroughly cleaned of dead cells. You can also use all kinds of strips by getting rid of blackheads.

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