Olive Oil is the Safest Product For Frying

090820163Fried food is very delicious, so many of us love to cook it. However, most doctors warn that it is necessary to use a particular type of oil when frying food. Worldwide distribution of sunflower oil is not the best solution. Studies show that when heated, it changes its structure and becomes dangerous to the body. This is particularly dangerous in the event that oil is used to re-prepare some dishes. For this reason, many experts recommend the use of olive oil for frying.

Olive oil, as it turns out, has a completely different structure, so even with a very strong heating it becomes harmful. Moreover, even if you are 3-4 times you will fry food in the same oil without replacement, the so prepared products are completely safe, because olive oil does not emit toxins. Yes, its cost is higher than that of sunflower oil. But you must understand that saving money this way, you are destroying your health, so later you will have to spend more money to restore it.

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