On a garnish to fatty meals are better suited vegetables

04101613Many nutritionists recommend not to include in your diet oily food as it is digested for a long time in the body, not to mention the presence in it large amounts of cholesterol.

But it is not always possible to resist the sight of a delicious piece of meat or bacon. However, moderate consumption of meat is not only harmful to our health, but also fills it with the necessary fats and acids that prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

It is best to eat fatty foods along with vegetables. To do this, there are many different recipes, for example, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers and many others. The presence of such vegetables menu improves digestion, with the result that people do not feel heavy stomach.

Combining meat dishes with potatoes is not recommended, as it contains a large amount of starch, which deteriorates the performance of the stomach and leads to stagnation of food.

Also, the meat side dish is not worth feeding pasta, because they contain carbohydrates that are not compatible with fats.

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