Onion Mask for Hair

Hair loss is a problem that many women are already tired of. Regardless of the age or profession of a woman, hair falls mercilessly. Sometimes his hands are already falling and he wants to make a boy’s haircut, so as not to see his hair everywhere in the apartment.

In this case, do not panic. Everything can be corrected. Hair can be strengthened. It is very easy to do this.

It is very important to pay enough attention to your diet. It must be balanced. Eat fish, meat, legumes, vegetables, fruits. In general, the maximally varied diet will help to grow beautiful hair.

In addition, you must apply a mask on your hair. Only it is not very simple, and many people may not like it. The main ingredient of the mask is the onion. Not many people like its smell, but the result will be simply wonderful. After several procedures, the hair will become much less fall out. In addition, they will become more shiny and silky. Yes, after the procedure, wet hair may smell a little onions. But suffer a little, because this mask will have a very good effect on the growth of hair.

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