Orange Peel is Useful Too

27101611Everyone knows that in all fruits contain a large amount of vitamins, but, as it turns out, most of them, the peel is not less useful.

Take, for example, oranges. Usually, before eating the fruit, we cleanse, peel and throw away without thinking about how it can be used both for food and for other purposes.

If you mix the crushed orange peel with honey and yoghurt without sugar, then the resulting mixture was good to use as a mask for the face, which is favorably affecting the skin, prevents the appearance of dark spots. Also, orange peel can be used as bleaching agent for teeth, which is sufficient to twice a week to wipe the inner face skin teeth.

Due to the fact that the peel contains vitamin C, brewed her tea helps those people who have decided to get rid of the extra kilos.

To those people who have problems with the bowels, orange peel will help get rid of unpleasant feelings such as heartburn or bloating.