Passive Smoking Can Cause Stroke

04111611Today, throughout the world there is a struggle against smoking, which affects not only the smoker, but also the people around him, so, in most countries prohibit smoking there, where there is a large number of people.

Owners of restaurants and cafes try to take special smoking areas, so as not to lose their clients.

American scientists managed to find out the fact that passive smoking harms not less than usual. The study became known that non-smokers who have suffered a stroke, for a long time were in the room, where there was smoke. Moreover, the likelihood of such a disease is increased by 50%.

But, among those who inhale someone else’s cigarette smoke, the larger the risk of stroke in those who suffer from vascular disease.

Tobacco smoke is a particularly negative impact on the developing organism of children who may appear different diseases, such as such as asthma.
Currently underway advertising healthy lifestyles, and many people give up this addiction.

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