Perfect Views of the Date

050920163Here come the most joyous day – a man who long ago you like to invite you on a date. On this day, everything must be perfect, so you need to look great and best. So, what do you need to do?

1. Appearance. During the visits can always be responsible to make stupid mistakes (make-up, hair style). To avoid this it is not necessary to carry out experiments. Makeup need to do so, as always. If you want to do something new, it is better to try in advance (to avoid surprises). This applies to the color of hair and hairstyles. If the hair can still be corrected at the last moment, then everything will be much more difficult with hair color.
2. Attire. Choosing clothes should always be careful. If you go to a restaurant it is best to wear an elegant dress. The same applies to the theater. If you decide to send a picnic, then it is better to choose a tracksuit.
3. Be yourself and behave naturally. No need to pretend to be the person to whom you are not. There is nothing worse than a sham and hypocrisy.

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