Permitted and Prohibited Phrases for Husband

020920166The relationship between a man and a woman is already trying to solve for years. But nothing happens. It seems that it will forever remain a mystery. How not to try, but it is very difficult to predict the development of a situation in a particular family. However, you should always realize that we can talk his wife, and that it is better to hide. So, let’s look in more detail at the issue.

What not to say?
1. What it says about mom or girlfriend.
2. A former lover of his best.
3. Erotic fantasy, where the protagonist is not him.
4. The number of men with whom you have a relationship.
5. Weight parameters and beauty secrets.
6. Control his phone.
7. In fact – and he is not the head of the host family.
8. The fact that you do not know the famous players.

How can we share?
1. On the bad state of health and disease.
2. Income.
3. Sexual fantasies.
4. On his excess weight.
5. The problems and that can not cope without him.
6. On the birthday gifts.
7. The fact that you do not like to do.
8. Feelings.

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