Pet Friendly Good for Health

31101617Some people give birth in their own homes pets, despite the fact that they deliver a hassle, because, apart from providing them with food and veterinary service, which costs quite expensive for the family budget, some of them have to take a walk every day, at least two times.

However, the scientists were able to prove that the people who provide the dogs are less prone to various diseases, even such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. This is not surprising, because, mandatory dog walking in any weather positive effect on the work of the entire human body. Since, during such trips people go long distances, as a result, spent calories, is not conducive to the emergence of extra kilos, while staying in the fresh air fills the blood with oxygen.

However, not only dogs and cats and positively affect the mental state, because, stroking the animal, through the singular points, which are in our hands, we get the desired signals that stimulate the nervous system.

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