Pets Positive Effect on the Education of Children

08111613Many of the children are asked to give them a puppy or kitten, but not always fulfilled these requests, because the parents are aware that, in addition to caring for pets, they need a complete food, vaccinations, and that additional financial costs.

In addition, you need to walk their dogs at least twice during the day, but it takes time, which is usually not enough.

However, scientists have proved that the animals have a positive impact on the education of children, as they have developed a number of positive qualities of character.

One of them is responsible, because, in addition to feeding and cleaning, kids show concern that emerged from them with the appearance of the animal.

The same can be said about the education of friendly relations, as seeing devotional behavior of the animals in relation to them, they tend to respond in kind.

Naturally, a lot of the important role played an active way of life, because playing with a pet, it is constantly in motion, especially if he has to walk the dog, spending a lot of time outdoors.

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