Pregnancy during the Cold Season

Every woman wants to have children. This is a very important mission for every family.

Having a baby changes everything around. But before he is born, you must submit it. And now there are many different things that can have a negative impact on the future health of the child. Winter – it’s the time when get sick more often. But pregnant need to take care of yourself from colds and diseases.

So what are the features of pregnancy during the cold season?

1. Clothing. You should always dress warmly. In this case use the layering principle. This will prevent the body from hypothermia. But remember, you should be warm but not hot.
2. Menu. To be healthy, you need to eat right. This will protect the body from infections. Eat more vegetables, fruits, herbs. But we must not forget about meat or fish. Make the most varied diet.
3. Crowded. Try less to be there where going to a lot of people. Sick people – is the main source of infection.

Be healthy! Take care of yourself and the future baby!

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