Pregnancy in Winter

260820169Every woman wants to experience the joy of motherhood. However, doctors say that pregnant women are much more difficult to survive the winter and autumn than summer or spring. What danger could pose future mothers?

1. Cold. During pregnancy, women are attacked by various viruses or bacteria. A cold or flu is highly undesirable in this period. To protect yourself, you need to avoid large gatherings of people. After returning home, you need to rinse your mouth (water + tincture of eucalyptus).
2. Menu. The diet should be varied. However, doctors recommend to eat more fruits and vegetables that grow in the area where resides pregnant. These fruits contain more vitamins, minerals, and better absorbed by the body.
3. Clothing. Remember the principle – multiple layers (T-shirt, turtleneck, sweater warm). This is how to dress in the winter. Particular attention should be paid to the shoe – it should be comfortable and without heels. As for outerwear, then your choice is best to stop at a feather bed.

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