Preparation Scrub at Home

140920163Every woman used to care for themselves. For this most of the fair half of mankind willing to buy almost all the cosmetics department, or pay a lot of money in a beauty salon. It seems that you need at once and all. Only on this issue should not rush. We need to understand.

Currently, some cosmetics can prepare yourself at home. The quality is not worse, and sometimes even better. All organic components of the composition and no chemistry.

Let’s talk about scrub that you can cook at home. Scrub, which is prepared at home, has a short shelf life. But, if you put a jar with the contents in the refrigerator, then this problem can be solved. Scrub can be prepared always, given the type of female skin. If women have oily skin, use it for a base oil is not worth it. It is best to choose low-fat yogurt. For abrasive can take ground coffee, semolina. Additionally, not only such a scrub cleanse the skin, but will nutritive effect.

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