Preparing for Summer

210820166Since the beginning of the summer season, many women are trying to bring order to the fingers of feet. All carefully start to do a pedicure and foot care for the skin. However, many do not know that with the help of a simple way pedicure beauty can be extended for several days.

1. Foot Cream. It is important to put on their feet every night cream. The feet skin is prone ogrubevat. To the feet the skin was always in perfect condition, apply a nourishing cream in winter and in summer – moisturizing.
2. Masks and baths. Regularly need to carry out foot bath. In the water it is best to add the sea salt. This way you can kill two birds: to strengthen nails and care for the skin.
3. File for feet. wide saw blade suitable for heels. With it will be easier to remove the rough skin.
4. Shoes. Always choose comfortable shoes. Importantly, the shoes will never squeezed the leg. Undoubtedly, the high heels are not the best choice.
5. FIG. Follow the figure. If there is excess weight, it can cause the appearance of rough areas on the soles.

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