Preventing of Acne

230920169Many women and men have the same problem as the acne. This problem is more cosmetic nature, but it brings a lot of inconvenience. Acne can jump up at the most inopportune moment. So as to render Preventive acne ?!

1. Hair. Do not let the hair touched the face.
2. Posture during sleep. Try to sleep on their backs to face contact with the bedding was minimal. Most often change underwear. Follow hygiene.
3. Phone. Regularly wipe the mobile phone, as it contains a large number of microbes.
4. Shower. After a workout, be sure to take a shower.
5. Makeup. Whichever you are tired, makeup should always be washed off. It must be right, which is never violated.
6. Smoking. Give up smoking. This bad habit is one of the most probable causes of acne.
7. Tools for make-up. Make-up should never be applied with your fingers. Use a special brush.
8. Cosmetics. Always try to trim funds that match your skin type.

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