Preventing Stretch Marks after Giving Birth

180920162After birth, many young women are faced with such a problem as the stretch. This is not fatal, but the picture is not the most pleasant. If stretch marks have appeared, it is impossible to get rid of them. Sometimes they offer a surgical intervention, but not all agree on it. It is much wiser to provide prevention.

It is important to take care during pregnancy. Firstly, you need to keep track of what you eat. More often eat foods that contain adequate amounts of protein. It can help you maintain skin elasticity. But sweets and starchy foods should be abandoned. Excess weight you do not need.

Second, be sure to take a contrast shower. It promotes skin elasticity.

Third, buy a bandage to keep the stomach. This will serve not only the prevention of stretch marks, but also remove the load from the spine.

Fourth, the use of stretch marks cream. It is essential to acquire a quality cream to avoid side reactions. You need to use it several times a day. Be sure to use a cream for fat women.

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