Prevention of Acne

010920163Each woman takes care of herself, to look beautiful and young. To do this, women do not spare the money. They are willing to spend half the salary of a beautician services. But do not try, but hated acne is still there. The most common cause of acne is becoming: poor environment, poor diet. How to make sure that they are less or not at all appear on the face?

1. Towels. Most change the towels for the face. This is the case for pillows and pillowcases.
2. Extrude. Do not try to squeeze a pimple, because it will provoke the emergence of new pimples.
3. Hair. If you are the owner of long hair, pay attention to the fact that during sleep the hair not touching the face.
4. Make-up. Before going to sleep always wash off makeup. This rule also applies to those girls who do not have acne. At night, the skin needs a rest from cosmetics.
5. Sport. Regularly visit the gym. With the help of physical exercise can relieve stress.
6. Water. Every day you need to drink plenty of fluids.

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