Prevention of Heat Stroke

270920168Everyone in hot weather can get heat stroke. To avoid this, you need to follow some rules. So, there is some heat stroke prevention?

1. Power. No fried, smoked and fatty foods. Light soup and fruit – the best diet in the heat.
2. Drink. In hot weather it is best to drink water. Good thirst quencher green tea brew.
3. Alcohol. From alcoholic drinks should be abandoned.
4. Clothing. Never in the hot weather, do not wear dark clothes, as there will be even hotter. It is best to give preference to the clothes of white, beige shades. In addition, as it is important that it was sewn from linen or cotton.
5. The headpiece. In hot weather, it is contraindicated to go bareheaded. It is important, also wearing sunglasses.
6. Cosmetics. From the use of foundation or powder to abstain, as they impair cutaneous respiration.
7. Time in the street. In the hottest hours (from 12.00 to 16.00), it is better not to be on the street.

If you feel unwell due to overheating, immediately call an ambulance. Never self-medicate.

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