Prevention of Osteoporosis

050920166The older a person becomes, the more its bones become more fragile. Pay attention to the elderly – have very often seen fractures. The most common cause of fractures becomes osteoporosis. But, if done correctly, can provide disease prevention.

1. Power. His diet should be varied to make. It is very important to drink milk and eat green vegetables.
2. Sun. It is important to stay in the sun. As is known, calcium is poorly absorbed by the body. To this trace mineral is better absorbed, needed vitamin D. The best way the human body produces this vitamin in the sun.
3. Coca-Cola. It is important to abandon the use of this drink. Because of her bone density decreases.
4. Nuts. It is important to eat nuts. They contain calcium, which is so essential to the bones.
5. Sport. The person must be in motion. Try to walk more and drive. Do not forget to join the gym. Training should be light and not debilitating. Agree, sport is much more useful than finding a home in the four walls near the TV.

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