Probiotic Products

Nowadays, all people have heard that probiotics are very useful for milking our intestines. They are able to restore its microflora, which means that health will be excellent (normal functioning of the immune system, intestines, stomach).

So, what products contain those probiotics?

1. Yoghurt. Natural yogurt is very useful for the intestines. However, yogurt is best prepared at home, without preservatives and dyes.
2. Kefir. Kefir contains even more useful bacteria than in yogurt. It has a slightly sour taste, but many like it. If, due to taste, a person can not drink kefir, then always a little honey can be added to the product.
3. Sauerkraut. This dish is very popular in Russia, Poland, Ukraine. Most often in winter it is eaten instead of fresh salad. Sauerkraut, which is cooked at home, perfectly improves the intestinal microflora. Note that cabbage, which is sold in the supermarket, does not possess such a property.

Eat right to stay healthy for years to come.

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