Products and Hormones of Happiness

Everyone knows what role nutrition plays in his life. You can say that the lead. Without food a person can not live long. All of us should not just eat, but eat right. Not all of this rule is followed, and then they themselves suffer from this.

So, let’s find out which products contain hormones of happiness? It is happiness that many of us lack.

1. Fish. Eat fish more often. It contains many useful substances that perfectly strengthen the nervous system.
2. Chicken. In addition to good mood, chicken meat will give you a feeling of lightness in the stomach. This meat is easily digested by the body.
3. Bananas. This exotic fruit contains a lot of magnesium. As you know, this microelement perfectly strengthens the nervous system and heart muscle.
4. Nuts. Nuts nourish the brain. They have a lot of vitamin B, which are good for the work of the central nervous system. It is not necessary to buy nuts of expensive varieties. Walnut is not worse.

Eat right to always be a cheerful person. Vegetables and fruits of bright colors will help you in this.

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